Mathame's Latest Release 'Come for You' is a Cinematic Journey [Watch/Listen]
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Mathame’s Latest Release ‘Come for You’ is a Cinematic Journey [Watch/Listen]

Mathame New Orleans

Happy new music friday. Italian-brother duo Amedeo and Matteo Giovanelli AKA Mathame caught our attention today with their newest release “Come For You” out via Astralwerks. Mathame’s style is best described as a cinematic journey, enjoyed best alongside the official music video for the track. Directed by visual artist Thomas Vanz, Mathame “touch on the dichotomy between creation and destruction” in the video. Watch it below. 

“Pairing beautifully melancholic vocals with gliding synths, Mathame explore the relationship between man and spiritual entities. The harmony is skillfully resolved with a halting crescendo, creating a deliberate feeling of tension alluding to the tense feelings of the disparity between the human and divine realms.

Give “Come For You” a listen:

About Mathame

Mathame formed on the desolate yet enchanting slopes of Sicily’s Mt. Etna volcano while the brothers were growing up in almost complete isolation, finding comfort in their brotherly bond and music. Their signature sound gained global recognition with their first EP release,’Nothing Around Us,’ followed by ‘Skywalking’ and ‘For Every Forever’ on Afterlife records. In 2020, the pair went on to release their first single ‘Never Give Up,’ which was awarded ‘The Essential New Tune’ accolade by BBC Radio 1’s Pete Tong and continued on to remix tracks for artists such as Zhu and Moby. After creating a mix series utilizing artificial intelligence in 2021, Mathame continued to explore their love for technology by using AI programming to create their promotional imagery from Mathame lyrics. 

With the massive success of a few EPs thus far, the brothers have hit the touring circuit hard, playing nearly 150 shows since the world’s reopening and gracing some of the electronic music world’s most coveted stages from Tomorrowland, Miami’s Club Space, Amsterdam’s ADE conference, EDC Las Vegas, to Fabric in London. 

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