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Mat Zo Shines On New ‘Tracing Steps’ EP [Listen]

After the release of the single “Deep Inside” this past week, Mat Zo adds three more incredible tracks to the mix with the release of his EP: Tracing Steps.

With his first EP release of 2019 under his belt, Mat Zo just delivered four new dance floor classics. The lead single, “Deep Inside,” released last week serves as an extended mix on the EP, clocking in at nearly eight minutes. With whizzing basslines and a recurring vocal theme, the track has a mystical energy that’s only further amplified in the final drop. “Deep Inside” is accompanied by an epic music video that pushes the track into another dimension with eye-popping visuals.

Though just four tracks, the EP measures up at a generous twenty-seven minutes and takes the listener on a thorough journey. From the starting moments of the title track “Tracing Steps”, Mat Zo shows his expert ability to craft unique layered soundscapes. Just moments later, the UK producer deconstructs the melodic tune into a quirky syncopated drop around the vocal theme:

I’m tracing steps, coming back to you / I’m tracing steps, running back to you.”

On “Heat Wave”, Mat Zo serves up a progressive funk track that explodes around the four-minute mark. The track builds around the melodic glitches, which slowly trade center stage with some of Mat Zo’s most enticing melodic work to date. “Lust” pushes the funky energy in another direction, with a nostalgic bumping electro-house feel and squelching vocoder melodies.

Across Tracing Steps, Mat Zo pinpoints key moments for his distinctive style and inventive sound design, resulting in a strong release with plenty of staying power.

Check out Tracing Steps below and stay tuned for more from Mat Zo!

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