Marvel Years Drops Infectious New Single "Anywhere You Want to Go" [Must Hear]
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Marvel Years Drops Infectious New Single ‘Anywhere You Want to Go’ [Must Hear]

River Beats favorite Marvel Years dropped an infectious new single this week called “Anywhere You Want to Go.” The song showcases Marvel Years’ abilities as a guitar and bass player while creating an uplifting track accented by soulful vocals. The addition of a hip-hop beat brings out the extra funkiness in the song.

Marvel Years had this to say about his new single:

“This one kind of just flowed out of me. It was a hip-hop beat that I was experimenting recording live bass on. I added a bunch of guitar and I found this incredible piano recording from the 60’s that I chopped up that was perfect for this. It’s one of my favorite tunes I’ve written in a while.”

The young producer is widely known among the Electro-Soul community. His ability to combine glitch, funk, soul, rock, and jazz makes his unique sound stand out amongst his peers. 

If you are into funky sounds, then Marvel Years is someone you have to see in 2017. River Beats had the great opportunity of booking the young producer as support for our Jazzfest kickoff party with Manic Focus. We are overjoyed to support him as he continues to impress both us and fans alike.

Give the song a listen below and catch Marvel Years with The Russ Liquid Test this fall!

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