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Marvel Years on His Musical Influences, “Livetronica,” and More [Exclusive Interview]

Go behind-the-scenes and get to know the marvel of Marvel Years in this River Beats exclusive interview.

In just a few years, Corey Wythe has carved a place for himself in the glitch-hop/electro-soul scene as the guitarist and producer known as Marvel Years. He got his start opening for Pretty Lights back in 2013, and the sky has been the limit ever since. With the support of artists such as The Floozies, Exmag, Gramatik, Manic FocusBreak Science, and GRiZ, the young Vermont-native appears to be thriving in the scene as his talent continues to shine brighter and brighter with each new track or live performance.

His reputation as a guitarist–a highly-skilled guitarist who is way beyond his years–is what separates Marvel Years from every other artist in glitch-hop, electro-soul, or “Livetronica.” Combining his Classical Rock background with the innate energy of glitch-hop, Wythe effortlessly blends masterful guitar riffs with the beats and rhythm from electronic productions to create that one-of-a-kind, Marvel Years sound.

And, with each new production, this kid doesn’t seem to miss a beat. Last month, his latest EP, “The Arrival,” emerged in full on his website and SoundCloud account, free of charge. Showcasing his fresh, energetic style and boundless potential, this EP surpasses all expectations throughout those 4 tracks–starting with the lead single, “Lifted.”


We had the chance to chat with Cory and explore his musical influences, where he finds inspiration, his perspective on the “Livetronica” genre, and more.

Check out the exclusive interview below!


RB: What is the inspiration behind the name Marvel Years?

“I originally had the name ‘Wonder Years’ but I later found out that there was already a band named ‘The Wonder Years,’ so I swapped the ‘wonder’ out for ‘marvel.’ At the time, I was in college, trying to find my place and figure out what I wanted to do with my life, so the name fit for me.”

RB: What kind of music influenced you growing up and have those influences transferred forward into inspiration for Marvel Years?

“I grew up playing blues/rock on guitar and then I got into hip hop in high school. I saw RJD2 live when I was like 16, and that basically ignited my interest in producing.”

RB: Your first live performance ever was back in 2013, opening for Pretty Lights in Boston, which is pretty incredible. What did this mean to you back then?

“Totally surreal. It was a massive opportunity for me and i’ll forever be grateful for it.”

RB: What’s your songwriting process?

“It depends, sometimes it starts with a guitar loop. Other times it starts with a bass line and drums, other times it starts with a sample. There is no real formula for starting a song, at least for me personally. It just kind of happens naturally.”

RB: What are your thoughts on the ever-growing genre of “livetronica”?

“I love it. Being a guitar player, this has me really excited for the future. One thing I missed when seeing electronic shows when I was younger was the ‘live’ aspect, meaning real instruments/vocals.”

RB: Is there any release you are most proud of at this point?

My most recent song I just finished a few days ago. Other than that, probably ‘Take Flight (feat. Red Pill).’ It is one of my less popular songs, but I just really dig it for some reason. I think because it is 100% original and sample-free.

It’s clear that Marvel Years is a soulful artist who is shaking up not just this one niche, but the EDM scene as a whole. His soulful sound is instantly recognizable. But, his versatility and charisma elevate that sound to the high-caliber live performance his fans have come to expect.

Earlier this month, Marvel Years announced that a handful of tour dates have been added for April 2017. The tour may be stopping in a city near you, and you don’t want to miss it. So check out the dates and mark your calendars!

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