Marvel Years Pays Tribute to Pink Floyd in 'Have A Cigar' EP [Listen]
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Marvel Years Pays Tribute to Pink Floyd in ‘Have A Cigar’ EP [Listen]

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Even though we interviewed him last month, River Beats still can’t get enough of producer and multi-instrumentalist Marvel Years. Following his Hidden Groove, Vol IV, Marvel Years has a new EP out now titled Have A Cigar – a Pink Floyd tribute featuring Lettuce’s Grammy-nominated drummer Adam Deitch, vocalist Jennifer Hartswick (Tom Petty, Herbie Hancock and Phish collaborator), and RAQ keyboardist Todd Stoops.

The two-track EP includes the collaborative “Have a Cigar” cover alongside Marvel Years’ own remix. Give it a listen below.

“I’ve been playing this song on guitar since I was 10-years-old, and it was an honor to recreate one of the most impactful songs from my childhood alongside some of the most talented musicians I know. I loved the process of remixing our collaborative cover, further putting my own stamp on a record that’s influenced me so heavily.” – Marvel Years

Hidden Groove, Vol IV features a combination of Fender Stratocaster, Squire bass, electric piano, and absolutely no samples that Cory Wythe, AKA Marvel Years, didn’t create himself. A true homegrown effort. And although the instruments come together beautifully, it’s clear that the Fender Strat is the hero of the project. Read more about this Marvel Years release here…

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