Martin Garrix Releases Third Single Under Alias Ytram [Listen]
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Martin Garrix Releases Third Single Under Alias Ytram [Listen]

After the awakening of his alias, Ytram, Martin Garrix has released a total of three songs with the new moniker including his latest: “Alive” featuring Citadelle.

“Alive” sees Garrix/Ytram team up with Citadelle, the brand new DJ duo from France. Their sound perfectly fits the deeper output Ytram has been showcasing throughout the year.

A derivative of “Alive” will also serve as the official title track for his good friend, Dutch F1 driver Max Verstappen’s documentary; Whatever It Takes (note: this documentary is available exclusively in The Netherlands at this time). Perfectly complementing the spectacular racing images, the track takes the viewer on a ride and allows them to feel the adrenaline showcased throughout the documentary.

Check out Ytram’s other releases below, and stay tuned for more because this is just the beginning!

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