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Marshmello and Halsey Team Up with Amazon’s Alexa for ‘Thought of the Day’ [Listen]

Marshmello and Halsey are back teaming up for a new project after their single “Be Kind” with the first-ever musical experience for Amazon Alexa’s “Thought of the Day.” Beginning today, Alexa customers can get a glimpse into the random musings from both artists by simply saying, “Alexa, what’s Halsey’s thought of the day?” and “Alexa, what’s Marshmello’s thought of the day?”

That means… you can hear a new thought from Halsey and Marshmello every day between May 27 and June 2!

Marshmello’s “Thought of the Day” musings find him sharing his thoughts on everything from time travel to s’mores while Halsey discusses topics like learning to waltz and penguin courtship rituals.

Give their collab “Be Kind” a listen below.
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