Marshmello's Upbeat Sound & Bastille's Melancholy Vocals Collide on 'Happier' [Listen]
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Marshmello’s Upbeat Sound & Bastille’s Melancholy Vocals Collide on ‘Happier’ [Listen]

In a unique and unexpected collaboration, Marshmello releases ‘Happier,’ which fuses his signature upbeat sound with melancholy vocals from Bastille.

Earlier this week, Marshmello generated excitement surrounding ‘Happier’ on Instagram and Facebook with a playful 10-second clip. The short teaser was posted in tandem with a tweet from Bastille, which hinted at the track’s blend of emotions.

The track showcases a dynamic interplay between Bastille’s somber lyrics and Marshmello’s exhilarating melodies. After a sobering opening verse, the song starts to build momentum and rhythm through the pre-chorus.

The energy continues to surge into an upbeat drop that flows through the remainder of the song. Though the blend of bittersweet alternative and bubbly EDM may be unusual, it makes for a crossover track that combines the best of both worlds. Listen to the collaboration below!

Photo by Ryan Hadji

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