Marsh Honors Friend's Cancer Battle with Latest Release 'Warrior' [Listen]
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Marsh Honors Friend’s Cancer Battle with Latest Release ‘Warrior’ [Listen]

Marsh - Red Rocks Ampitheatre

Progressive house artist Marsh, originally from the UK and now based in the US, unveils his latest single titled “Warrior.” This track serves as a heartfelt tribute to Marsh’s close friend, Jimmy, who courageously fought Leukemia starting in 2022 and continued his battle throughout 2023. With Jimmy recently receiving two clear scans, “Warrior” stands as Marsh’s heartfelt salute to his friend’s resilience and determination.

Both the regular mix and extended mix of “Warrior” take you on a journey with epic moments popping up along the way. But here’s the real kicker: “Warrior” isn’t just about the music. It’s got a touching story behind it that’ll warm your heart.

Marsh explains that “‘Warrior’ is a tribute to [his] best friend, Jimmy – a truly unique individual.

Growing up together, we shared countless moments playing video games, sports, and engaging in mischief like knocking on doors and running away. We also discovered trance music together, deepening our bond. Jimmy is more than a friend; he’s a brother from another mother. Jimmy’s journey is nothing short of inspiring, a testament to his resilience and strength. “Warrior” is a humble tribute to his incredible fight—a reminder that he’s not just a survivor but a champion. I’m profoundly grateful to have my best friend by my side, and I couldn’t be prouder of him.’ – Marsh

In addition to the touching background story behind the creation of this track, Marsh produced an intimate kick-off event for “Warrior” at The Ton of Brix in London, with the entirety of the proceeds earmarked for Leukaemia UK.

The single’s release will be complemented by a live stream hosted at Kew Gardens, with all proceeds from the stream likewise directed to Leukaemia UK, further cementing Marsh’s commitment to supporting this cause. 

Don’t miss Marsh on tour with stops around the globe, including as part of River Beats New Orleans’ The Deep series – taking place at Arora in New Orleans next month on April 26.

MARSH TOUR DATES – view all dates here

April 12 – MDLR – Thugshop – Singapore
April 13 –  Creamfields Hong Kong 2024 – Central, Hong Kong
April 18 –  The Mothership – Auckland, New Zealand
April 19 – Manning Bar – Sydney, Australia
April 20 – Howler Garden – Melbourne, Australia
April 20 – La La Land – Brisbane, Australia
April 21 – Port Beach Brewery Perth, Australia
Apr 26 – Arora – New Orleans, LA
Apr 27 – Project GLOW 2024 – Washington, DC
May 10 – Marsh presents Aria – HERE at Outernet – London, United Kingdom
May 11 – Marsh Presents Aria – New Century Hall – Manchester, United Kingdom
May 17 –  Extrema Outdoor Belgium 2024 – Brussels, Belgium
May 19 – EDC – Las Vegas, NV
May 24 – Wav.Forms – Warsaw, Poland
May 25 – Cercle festival – Paris, France
June 8 – Regenerate Fest – Denver, CO
June 9 – Haralson Room – Minneapolis, MN

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