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Mariah Carey Breaks Spotify Records For Most Streams in a Single Day

Yesterday, people around the world were streaming Christmas music to celebrate Christmas Day! And while everyone has their favorites, it seems safe to say that Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” is still making its way on playlists.

Though the song was originally released in 1994, yesterday, it broke Spotify records for the most streams in a single day. The previous record was held by XXXTentacion’s “SAD!,” with 10.4 million streams. Mariah’s iconic track went a bit beyond that, with 10.8 million streams. All in one day.

This bit of information also only touches on the streams from Spotify, and doesn’t count other streaming options such as Apple Music, Soundcloud, nor Google Play. Mariah couldn’t believe the news herself when she saw it on Twitter.

24 years later and Mariah is still making bank off of this one song. What a life!

If you’re still in the holiday spirit, throw on this playlist!

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