LISTEN NOW to Manic Focus' Fresh & Funky New Single "Stronger"
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LISTEN NOW to Manic Focus’ Fresh & Funky New Single “Stronger”

Manic Focus is hitting 2017 running; after announcing a full tour, multiple festival announcements, and a new album in April, there is nothing stopping J Mac and drummer Jacob Barinholtz. Manic’s upcoming album, titled “Minds Rising,” will be released April 21, 2017. To satisfy the anticipation that fans are undoubtedly feeling, MF decided to tease fans with a taste of “Minds Rising” with the release of his single “Stronger”.”

“Stronger,” featuring Late Night Radio, Jennifer Harswick, and Adam Deitch, is the perfect combination between funky instrumentals and powerful vocals. There has been nothing but praise so far for the super groovy track. These various artists and their talents mesh perfectly when combined to create this blend of fresh funk. Give the song a listen below and try to not get up and dance, I dare ya 🙂


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