Manic Focus is 'Lost in a Digital World' in New Album Release [Listen] - River Beats Dance

Manic Focus is 'Lost in a Digital World' in New Album Release [Listen]

Manic Focus is a River Beats favorite. His refreshing take on the live-tronica genre is one that is greatly appreciated. Over the last seven years, he has certainly perfected his unique glitchy, electro-funk sound. John McCarten, better known to fans as Manic Focus, is a Chicago-based artist that has been making music since 2012. Singles like “Life Goes On” featuring GRiZ took him to stardom and now, he’s doing the damn thing, especially with his latest album Lost in a Digital World.

Prior to Lost in a Digital World‘s release, Manic Focus released a handful of singles showcasing his new production techniques and growth. Songs like “All This Is” and “It’s Random” show a new side to the producer, while tracks like “Bom Ditty Bom Bom” re-establish his interests in intertwining hip-hop/rap with the genre. And to say that we are loving it is an understatement!

On the album, Manic Focus tapped a handful of friends/collaborators for the project. Lost in a Digital World includes features Protohype, Psalm One, Borahm Lee of Break Science, Dom Lalli of Big Gigantic, and Russ Liquid among others.

Give Lost in a Digital World a listen for yourself below:

Featured image by Chester Pink. 

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