Man Cub & Lucas Marx Collaborate on Progressive Tune 'In the Air' [Listen]
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Man Cub & Lucas Marx Collaborate on Progressive Tune ‘In the Air’ [Listen]

After the release of his debut album Impressions last year followed up by single release “Real Me” featuring Meggie York, Man Cub presents “In the Air,” an euphorically progressive groove with vocals from Lucas Marx.

This single could not come out at a better time. Many in this world are feeling unsteady and uncertain, even with ever-changing light at the end of the tunnel. Man Cub is truly in touch with his audience and their collective emotions. With the inspirational lyrics “we can find a thousand reasons to not run, but I don’t want to live that way”, along with the instrumental chords and soothing sounds, fans will be feeling excited about the world’s future and all there is to look forward to.

Featured image via artist. 

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