Mallive Stuns With Stimulating New Single 'Wish I XX Love U' [River Beats Premiere] -

Mallive Stuns With Stimulating New Single ‘Wish I XX Love U’ [River Beats Premiere]

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Bringing an end to a mystifying half-decade disappearance, New York City-based Mallive is back and better than ever with a stunning new single “Wish I XX Love U”.

Acclaimed for his Soundcloud future-bass outputs and ethereal originals, Mallive pulled a fast one after wrapping up his set on New York City’s Lower East Side. Competing priorities resulted in what externally was viewed as a departure from the scene – social media accounts gone and little to no updates thereafter. While the scene has changed a multitude of times over in the years that followed, Mallive continued behind the scenes, evolving and adapting for an imminent return.

Today, the curtain opens to unveil “Wish I XX Love U,” the producer’s uptempo debut that teems with energy. The dance track delivers a steady punch and a splendid sonic tone, with delightful pitched vocals and lush chord patterns. It’s the kind of track that fits squarely in the world of Duskus and jamesjamesjames – earnestly-hurried house with a Soundcloud quirk that necessitates a head nod. Though sonically obscured, the track carries a significant meaning, as Mallive explains,

“This song is about intimacy & acceptance. The lyric is “wish I didn’t love you, but I do”. To love someone, to become intertwined with another, is terrifying.

You are responsible to them, and they, to you. But that’s what it’s all about: to be something more than yourself. So be here, be brave, & love them anyway.

oh, and I don’t like putting apostrophes in my titles so I just dropped the “didn’t” and put a x for each of the syllables — also so spotify thinks i’m related to Jamie.-Mallive

Starting in 2015, Mallive‘s remix popularity led to original single releases and a standout EP Nogawa through Heroic Recordings – the Netherlands-based label that gave way to San Holo and Bitbird – and official remixes for Ark Patrol and Vanic. 2022 marks the start of a new era for the producer to showcase his long-awaiting, refined sound.

While the NYC-based producers has been making rounds DJing around the boroughs prior to today’s release, he also looks ahead to a special set tonight at East Village’s Sweetie to celebrate the debut single.

Check out “Wish I XX Love U” from Mallive below!

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