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Making Moves at Movement: 6 Acts to Watch

Need help planning your Movement Detroit Schedule?

Movement Detroit has over 110 artists on the lineup. It almost goes without saying; the time it takes to look up every single artist feels like too much of a commitment, even for the most dedicated fans.

Of course, there’s a certain appeal to wandering around the festival, acting on an impulse, and stumbling across an act that absolutely blows your expectations away. But for the planners, we’ve streamlined the decision-making process by highlighting 6 acts you absolutely have to see.

These acts aren’t the first names you see on a lineup poster. In fact, we’ve intentionally chosen artists on the lower bloc because they’re the ones that people tend to know the least about.

Of course, we won’t do all the work for you. Our 6 picks are in alphabetical order because there’s no reason to rank the acts. Trust us; the artists are all amazing talents and their sets will get you dancing no matter what.


Genre(s): Tech house, techno

Hailing from Brazil, ANNA started out DJing at the age of 14 at her father’s popular nightclub. With this pedigree for track selection, she later moved to Sao Paulo and quickly began to work on producing her own tracks as well. That, combined with a broadening audience, led her to breakthrough success after many ups and downs. The tenacity has paid off; she now resides in Barcelona while playing in top clubs throughout the world. All while releasing production after production too.

She recently earned accolades as Best Breakthrough Artist of 2016 at Ibiza’s DJ Awards. Momentum continues to build for this rising artist, and Movement Detroit is the place to see it manifest.

DJ Minx

Genre(s): House

DJ Minx spins house tracks that span the range of deep, old-school, funky, soulful, and beyond. As a featured performer in the inaugural Detroit Electronic Music Festival (the predecessor to Movement) in 2000, DJ Minx has deep roots in this festival, the city, and the history of dance music. She also heads the highly successful Women On Wax Recordings, adding the element of production experience to a storied career.

Watch her Boiler Room set below (music begins at 2:30). The track selection here is nothing short of superb.

Golf Clap

Genre(s): House, tech house

The hometown duo already have a reputation that precedes them. Golf Clap are tireless in pursuing what they love – producing, playing shows, and throwing the best after-parties wherever they go. It’s probably why they’ve garnered a cult following; every show they play brings in new fans that rave about how good their shows are.

Their latest release is a collaboration with Jojo Angel and Matteo Rosolare titled the Mind Control EP. Although the EP’s mainstay is a gritty mix of house and techno, Golf Clap often delve into deep house as well.

Look out for our Artist Spotlight on Golf Clap coming later this week.

Honey Dijon

Genre(s): House, old-school house

Say what you want about DJ rankings, but Honey Dijon more than earned her #11 spot in Mixmag‘s Top 20 DJs of 2016. The Chicago native and New York resident draws upon the music that defined a golden era of nightlife in both cities to put together her sets. Her influences are clear: she grew up on her parents’ R&B records, and as an adolescent, would sneak into clubs to see timeless pioneers such as Frankie Knuckles. This backstory gives her the credo to proudly carry the torch of Chicago house music while navigating the world of New York fashion.

Aesthetic and substance. That’s Honey Dijon.

Rodriguez Jr.

Genre(s): House, techno

Rodriguez Jr. is a devout student of the art of the live set. Using an elaborate setup involving a laptop, keyboard, drum machine, mixer, and more, he improvises tracks with delicate precision and the instinct of a renowned musician.

In interviews, he emphasizes his desire to connect with the crowd through his sets. A recent one from Destino Ibiza, embedded below, is an absolute treat to watch. At times, he goes into a frenzy of activity from his keyboard, to his laptop, to his mixer, and at other times, he eases up to take in the crowd’s reaction to his end product. The crowd is absolutely enchanted. Look to Rodriguez Jr. to enchant his crowd at Movement Detroit as well.

The Saunderson Brothers

Genre(s): Techno

This selection may come as a surprise to hardcore fans of dance music. The Saunderson Brothers comprise of Dantiez and Damarii Saunderson, the two eldest sons of techno patriarch Kevin Saunderson. All three often share the stage together, but this is an occasion for the brothers to showcase their DJing ability on their own.

Not much is available when it comes to recordings of their sets, but don’t let that fool you into thinking they are unproven. The duo continue to mature as artists while playing shows throughout their home city of Detroit.

Discover the rest of Movement Detroit‘s lineup HERE.

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