Maison Ware Returns With Menacing Single 'In The Dark' [Listen + Interview]

Producer Maison Ware is back with his newest single “In the Dark,” furthering his repertoire of entrancing bass house cuts.

“Control” and “Hypnotize”, the first two singles from Maison Ware, invited listeners in for a glimpse from the producer’s cryptic point of view. Distinctive dark bass and sharp rhythmic accents give the tracks sinister character, while alluring vocals render them irresistible. With streaming success on his early releases, Maison Ware returns today with a brand new single “In The Dark.”

As a producer who thrives living in the shadows, “In the Dark” is deceptive in its approach. Maison Ware delivers an emotional vocal top-line, underpinned by a tumultuous bass-line and thumping kicks. Brief melodic bridges build suspense during the track, which is otherwise unapologetically dense. With this single, Maison Ware takes an authoritative hold on his piece of the evolving club scene.

We caught up with the mystifying producer upon the release of “In the Dark” to learn more about his influences and untold story. Check out the interview below, where we dive into the esoteric with Maison Ware:

River Beats: Thank you for joining us, Maison! You’re relatively fresh on the scene, with just two debut singles released prior to “In the Dark”. How would you describe the reaction and hype around your music thus far?

Maison Ware: “Although we are behind schedule, all is proceeding according to design.”

The contrast between light and dark and Japanese influence are apparent in your sound and artwork. How do you draw on those sources for inspiration and incorporate them into your sound?

“How do photons that have traveled 92 million miles from the sun influence a plant’s growth? They provide a consistent stream of energy, invisible nutrition that is absorbed, internalized, and essential.”

You teamed up with Cisco Corea (Joker Theory Films) for mesmerizing choreographed short films for your singles “Control” and “Hypnotize”, bringing another surreal dimension to your work. Why did dance and film seem like the most natural complementary narrative for your tracks?

“I can control sound, but the stories I’m telling exist in more dimensions than just sonic waves. Cisco was amongst our first members; he found us, which is not an easy task. In seeking us out, he demonstrated his dedication, and so, we entrusted our visual storytelling to him and his associates. Our faith has been rewarded.”

Your new single “In The Dark” is a more minimalistic take on bass house with a raw vocal topline. How did you approach this track different than the previous singles?

“‘In The Dark,” “Hypnotize,” and “Control” are siblings. They all sprung forth from the same DNA. They all were born at the same instant and continued to expand into time and space, eventually diverging into unique forms that now lay before you. At some point in this timeline, they will converge.”

You recently hinted at a potential collaboration with mau5trap frequenter EDDIE on Twitter. Can you tell us more about any upcoming releases or collaborations?

“All that I am willing to disclose at this present moment is that Eddie is one of my most trusted allies, but he is not the only one.”

The quote “Membership is contingent upon your silence” accompanies a lot of your content. What does this phrase mean to you?

“What it means to me is one thing, but what it means to others is more… meaningful. That said, it is our rules of engagement: If you are here, you are here because you chose to be with me. No one has put a gun to your head to follow me. There are no cool points to be had by following me. You are here because you chose to be here.”

Check out the new single “In The Dark” below and stay tuned for more to be revealed from Maison Ware!

Connect with Maison Ware: Soundcloud | Instagram | Website

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