Lucille Croft's 'Patient X' is a Multi-Dimensional Experience Not for the Faint of Heart [Listen]
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WARNING! Lucille Croft’s ‘Patient X’ is a Multi-Dimensional Experience Not for the Faint of Heart [Listen]

Lucille Croft PATIENT X

You’ve been warned. Lucille Croft’s Patient X EP arrived last month, and we can’t get over it. The multi-dimensional piece of art ties in Croft’s wide range of influences in “music, visual art, fashion, and design.” PATIENT X is Croft’s “post-human” form, confined no more by the shackles of the music industry and promoting female empowerment.

Fans are urged to prepare themselves for a “new era of unbridled creativity” from Croft backed by intense mechanical beats with reverberating drops. What makes this production even more special: PATIENT X is Croft’s largest production to date – and you can tell. From the sound production to the creative assets, Croft has poured much of her energy into this new persona. In an interview with, Croft explains that “Patient X is one of [her] many personalities […]” and she’s ready to seduce and destroy.

As a “post-human” embodiment, PATIENT X goes down a path of destruction, with intro track “Post Human” setting the tone. By crossing industrial electro-vibes and even a touch of screamo featuring TMRRW and Bad/Love, PATIENT Xis a dangerous amalgamation of artistic influences that fuses the most explosive elements of the electronic and industrial genres, cutting edge visuals incorporating high-fashion creative and design, and subtle nods to the expansive worlds of science-fiction and gaming”

Croft is out for blood. You’ve been warned. Listen to PATIENT X below:

Stay tuned for more from Croft as she continues to evolve into her full post-human state with live shows and more bodies of work.

Featured image via Lawrence Bernt

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