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Lucas Estrada and Pawl Reunite to Deliver '2Face' [Listen]

After the success of “Figure It Out,” Lucas Estrada and Pawl joined forces again in the name of music. this time with “2face.” Delivering an introverted mood and message surrounding a melancholy funk-house beat, the single stays within Lucas Estrada’s signature sound of chill-house-meets-pop paired with themes shifting interchangeably. In comparison to singles like “Everything with You” and “Figure It Out,” the structure and atmosphere of “2Face” are slightly more melancholy, yet still energetic and upbeat.

On the streaming front, Lucas Estrada has unusually high numbers. His monthly listeners now stand at 2 million with only a handful of quality song’s released in the past several months accounting for the attention. Lucas Estrada and Pawl’s connection in the studio is unparalleled, the highlights of both styles combining gracefully on “2face.”

Listen to “2Face” below:

Featured image courtesy of artist’s Instagram.

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