Luca Bacchetti Breathes New Life into Desert Dwellers Track [Q&A]
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Luca Bacchetti Breathes New Life into Desert Dwellers Track [Q&A]

Volume 2 of Desert Dweller‘s Breath Reimagined album is here, and includes a very special rework of their track “Traversing the Endless Road” by Luca Bacchetti. Transforming the original into a multi-dimensional tech groove, Bacchetti brings his own twist, explaining that he “loved the organic elements of the song, [and] the vocals are so good too.”

Bacchetti kicked off his music career in 1992 as a radio speaker, curating radio programs while also DJ’ing at local clubs and venues. He’s no new face to this world nor music production, and has showed interest in all genres from DnB to mid-90’s urban styles.

According to Bacchetti himself:

“Music has always been an obsession, a good one.”

This Desert Dwellers remix is also something new for him, having never previously worked with the group before.

I know Desert Dwellers but it’s the first time that I put my hands on one of their productions. I met Treavor [a] few years ago in LA during a party, we had friends in common so we ended up going to Burning Man and sharing the same RV.. we had [a] great time!

Check out some other q’s we had for him below, and give “Traversing the Endless Road” a listen above!

RB: What was the inspiration behind the remix? 

Bacchetti: “As I said I love the parts of this tune, I’ve tried to do something different this time and it’s the slowest remix I’ve ever done, it’s 108 bpm… it was fun working on it, especially the break!”

RB: Music has obviously been a huge piece of your life for quite some time. How are you finding solace in music and making connections now amid COVID? – How has COVID changed your music-making process?

The last few months were so weird, to be honest I haven’t been creative at all in the studio… I’ve been struggling. I found out that traveling and moving are like sparks for my creative process. I find continuous inspiration when I’m traveling. During the lockdown I’ve listened to a lot of music like I’ve never done before, but I haven’t been able to stay focused and concentrated in the studio. This is why I started working on a live stream which will take place in a medieval castle here in Tuscany, it’s called ANCIENT FUTURE and it will go live on July 23rd.”

RB: Anything future releases coming up you’d like to share? Originals or more remixes?

“At the moment I’m working on new remixes, one of these it’s a beautiful song from the Swiss artist Soma Souls, it will be out at the end of September on ENDLESS. I also have original tunes in the making and I’m considering the idea to start working on a second album soon.”

Featured image by Giorgio Leone.

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