LSDream and Shlump Join Forces on Towering 'Organism' [River Beats Premiere]

LSDream and Shlump Join Forces on Towering "Organism" [River Beats Premiere]

LSDream & Shlump, buzzed about most highly at last month’s Wakaan Music Festival, strike again while the iron is white-hot.

When we covered the duo’s headlining “Universal Wub Tour,” “Organism” was one of four surprise collaborative tracks that impressed us during an otherworldly back-to-back segment.

Out today on Wakaan, “Organism” is a curiously smooth blend of the pair’s highly separate sound design styles. We’ve come to expect a degree of gnashing alien deep dub from Shlump’s recent output; in LSDream’s finest, we’ve found warped hip-hop struts replete with shining vocals.

On “Organism,” Shlump and LSDream match their styles seamlessly. Woozy John Carpenter-style synths glide over a menacing deep dub salvo. As the nauseating scope of the track marches forth, you hear Shlump’s lurching dark dives splash against LSDream’s processed vocal samples from “I am Bass.”

Just as the wailing sub-bass and buried voices layer on the thickest (is that you, KRS-One?”), the track dissipates into a flurry of distant horns and drifting synths. Even more so than their solo output, “Organism,” along with the entirety of the “Universal Wub EP,” shows commendable atmosphere and sound design from the pair.

Listen to the entire Universal Wub EP:

Featured image courtesy of artist’s Facebook.

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