Zeds Dead & Their Return to Lost Lands: Artist Spotlight

Zeds Dead & Their Return to Lost Lands: Artist Spotlight

With the biggest event for bass music JUST around the corner, River Beats is highlighting one of the grimiest duos in their return to Lost Lands: Zeds Dead. Zeds Dead is a must see on this year’s lineup, coming in hot with all their new and unreleased music.

Dylan Mamid (DC) and Zachary Rapp-Rovan (Hooks) have been making music together since early 2006. They initially started in hip-hop, collaborating with rapper Omar Linx on many of their earliest songs. Nevertheless, their hip-hop roots are still evident in the music they produce today. Some of their newest releases feature collaborations with Freddie Gibbs and 1000volts. 

Although most of their stuff is bass-heavy, the pair actually produces a wide range of genres. This includes drum-n-bass and house music, collaborating with artists such as Jauz, Oliver Heldens, and Delta Heavy.

Zeds Dead also shows a respect for classics of past decades. They have created timeless remixes that shine light on their affinity for these old-school songs. With some of their earliest releases being remixes of Radiohead, Foo Fighters, and Aretha Franklin, the boys do an incredible job of staying true to the original song.

DC and Hooks always create an underground vibe, even with as popular as they are now. The realest ZD fans know the phrase, “Killa Killa, Zeds Dead” from their song “Bassmentality” with The Killabits. “Bassmentality” was also the name of a weekly basement party that Zeds Dead founded in 2009-2013 where DJs could play freely.

Even now with their label Deadbeats, the boys continue to keep their underground persona by pushing underground artists through each week. Check out the radio show to see what these rising artists are about:

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Featured image via artist Twitter page. 

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