Lost Lands Artist Spotlight: REZZ
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Lost Lands Artist Spotlight: REZZ

In anticipation of one of the most mind-melting, neck-breaking, bass-heavy festivals ever put into production, river beats is spotlighting several artists from the Lost lands lineup. Our first artist deserving of this recognition without a doubt wields one of the most unique sounds in electronic music today. Her name is Isabelle Rezazadeh, or as most people know her, REZZ. She even goes by “Space Mom”.

In 2015, she exploded onto the scene under the mau5trap label, bringing with her a sound as unique as the person behind the music. Because of her style, it’s difficult to place her in just one genre. If we had to describe it, imagine the deepest, darkest, subterranean reaches of the not-so-terrestrial psyche. Extract those sounds and slap some deep, entrancing bass on it, and you get REZZ.

Take a listen and find out for yourself. One track we know you’ll like is “Edge.

REZZ is successful because she not only produces unique music, but also at a remarkable pace.

She is an ambitious and talented producer, having created hundreds of tracks in her first year making music. Her vast library of songs is one of the main reasons we love catching her sets. It’s refreshing to watch an artist perform their own music for the entirety of a set.

When an artist can bring you fresh beats, one after another for a mind-blowing hour, what more do you need? If you haven’t seen her live, you’re guaranteed a new experience. We promise you won’t walk away disappointed.

Check out her latest album Mass Manipulation below:

If you want to learn more about REZZ, check out this recent interview she did with Magnetic Magazine. The article gives a glimpse into the mind of the woman behind those trippy glasses!

Lost Lands is less than two months away! Head here for more information about the festival!

Feature image courtesy of DeadPhilly.

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