Watch Lost Frequencies Play on Top of the Royal Palace in Brussels

Watch Lost Frequencies Play on Top of the Royal Palace in Brussels

There has been a lot of cool and monumental moments in music to come out of quarantine. Martin Garrix played a set on a boat through the Netherlands, Kaskade helicoptered into Nevada and played a set on the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Up next in the list of epic and f*ckin’ awesome instances is Lost Frequencies playing on top of the Royal Palace in his hometown of Brussels.

The video makes its way through the Royal Palace, both interior and exterior, going back and forth between cool lighting fixtures and focusing back on Lost Frequencies. The video is very well produced, and is a cool experience from beginning to end.

Check out the tracklist below:

01:21 Royal Symphonic Band – Brabançonne
02:33 Lost Frequencies – Sick of the Silence
06:38 Lost Frequencies, Easton Corbin – One More Night
10:27 Major Lazer – Lay Your Head On Me (Lost Frequencies Remix)
15:00 ID – ID
17:46 ID – ID
22:51 Lost Frequencies, Zonderling, Kelvin Jones – Love To Go (Deluxe Remix)
28:17 Lost Frequencies – Lost Like Us
32:31 Joachim Pastor – Be Someone (Lost Frequencies Remix)
35:07 Ellie Goulding, blackbear – Worry About Me (Lost Frequencies Remix) 39:55 Lous and The Yakuza – Dilemme (Lost Frequencies Remix)
44:10 Two Pauz – Orava
48:30 Everyone You Know – She Don’t Dance (Lost Frequencies Remix)
53:15 ID – ID
57:48 Lost Frequencies feat. Kye Sones – Electrified

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