LMBO Finds Solace on Latest Release 'Dysphoria'
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LMBO Finds Solace on Latest Release ‘Dysphoria’

LMBO returns with an honest, bittersweet song about desire for fame and the dangers of being manipulated.

‘Dysphoria’ starts with a soft, uplifting piano that guides us through this struggle with acceptance. The vocals give way to the true feelings and vibe of the song:  

“I really want to be like you – I want to feel the same”


“I want to be the king of the castle and soak up all the fame”

‘Dysphoria’ builds into a tropical future bass swirl, with the chorus pitched low beneath the bright synths. It’s breezy and tender, and reminds us of the golden shimmer of tracks from Tourist or Friendly Fires.

LMBO sounds remorseful and resolved all at once; the rosy instrumental pulls us  upwards and out of anguished thoughts and into a positive sway.

Give the full track a listen below! And if you are feeling it, grab a free download here. 




Dysphoria, a song by LMBO on Spotify

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