Litche Has 'Nothing To Lose' With His Return to Music One Year Later [RB Premiere]

Litche Has 'Nothing To Lose' With His Return to Music One Year Later [RB Premiere]

After releasing his debut EP last year, Litche returns with the soothing instrumental, “Nothing to Lose. The Australian-based producer is not new to incorporating instrumentals and cinematic soundscapes into his music, so this acts as the return to his roots. The song itself acts as a trigger for change in the personal life of Litche, especially since it’s been over a year since his last release.

“Nothing to Lose” came to the producer quickly, he confided. After his exploration in arranging the loops and further production, he ended up with a song. After a change of scenery and gaining inspirations from other avenues, Lichte allowed himself to work “towards the creation of an uplifting sound set that resonates deep within each listener.”

Listen to “Nothing to Lose” below:

Lately I have been listening to music that feels a lot happier and warmer, drawing inspiration from other artists who make mostly instrumental music that helps to put you in a positive headspace. With mental health being such an important and often overlooked part of life, I wanted to create music that is mood lifting. The change in timing of the arpeggiated loops to me signifies the pace of life and how it’s always changing. I also tried to use sounds in the production that help the listener feel some sort of comfort or ease despite that ever-changing pace and often stress that life can offer.”


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