Listen to a Sneak Peek of Bicep's New Live Show
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Listen to a Sneak Peek of Bicep’s New Live Show

The Mixmag cover stars have another notch to add to their list of accomplishments. Earlier this week, the duo performed segments of their brand-new live show for BBC Radio 1. This segment wasn’t just any conventional radio show, however. It took place at Maida Vale, among the most storied of BBC‘s recording studios in use since 1946. The host, Annie Mac, is the de facto lead curator of electronic music in the UK.

Bicep are fresh off a debut album release on September 1, alongside a busy festival circuit and an album tour. The response has been resoundingly positive across the board, from underground enthusiasts to mainstream publications. Alongside the reviews of their studio work, their live show has elicited similar reactions.

Outside of a few YouTube clips and Instagram posts, very little footage exists of Bicep’s live shows.

Although the group has several recorded sets available via Boiler Room, none of them show off their new live setup. It makes sense – the whole point of a live set is to improvise based on feedback from the crowd. A recording, whether audio or video, is antithetical to the live set ethos.

Regardless, the short few clips available from fan submissions give us a taste for what to expect – and leave us yearning for the elusive full recording. In the clip below, Bicep play “Aura,” the lead single from their debut album.

For the BBC radio segment, Bicep brings a portion of this live setup to the Maida Vale studio.

Their rig consists of old analog synths, a modular synth, some reverb units, and a wide array of effects. The duo play “Vale,” “Glue,” and a reinterpretation of Lucy Pearl’s “Don’t Mess With My Man.”  In between the tracks, they answer some questions about their origins as well as the creative decisions behind their debut album. This segment covers a lot of ground and is a solid listen for all audiences, from day-one fans to those just discovering their music.

Listen to the 25-minute segment from BBC Radio 1 HERE.

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Feature image courtesy of BBC Radio 1.

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