Listen to This Amazing Skrillex Remix That Officially 'Leaked' Today

Listen to This Amazing Skrillex Remix That Officially ‘Leaked’ Today

Earlier this week, Skrillex dropped a brand new single with Justin Bieber‘s hit-maker Poo Bear. While I absolutely love the track, Skrillex faced some harsh criticism for the lack of bass and the more poppy flow that best suites the other artist.


It’s easily been two plus years since the bro-step king was dropping heavy wubs on the general public. His latest HOWSLA release, and now the “Would You Ever” single featuring Poo Bear, affirms a switch in production for the superstar. 

If you’re feeling those blues from the lack of bass from Skrillex, you might be in for a treat today. The Youtube channel Proximity dropped a “leaked” remix of Skrillex‘s remix of LH4L’s “Neoprene.” The song has been dropped hundreds of times since its debut at Ultra Music Festival 2015. It is well known within the bass community, and its release is perfect timing for Skrillex fans. 

Accoridng to YourEdm:

The track isn’t an “official leak,” but a rip of a Snailed It mix.

Whatever the case, we are gonna enjoy the hell out of it! 

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H/T: YourEdm

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