Liquid Stranger Drops 'Low' Days After Packed BUKU Fest Weekend [Listen]
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Liquid Stranger Drops ‘Low’ Days After Packed BUKU Fest Weekend [Listen]


After a massive weekend including a set at BUKU Music + Arts Project and official WAKAAN BUKU Late after-party, Liquid Stranger presents his third single from his forthcoming full-length LP, “LOW”! With a unique tribal influence while still holding true to his roots, “LOW” is a fun rhythmic bass tune.

Just concluding his noteworthy nationwide B A L A N C E Tour in tandem with the LP release, Liquid Stranger is currently slated to close multiple large scale festivals in 2022, including Sunset Music Festival, Summer Camp, Imagine Festival, Elements, and the anticipated second edition of his very own flagship festival, WAKAAN Music Festival.

“When I made ‘LOW,’ I wanted to create something unique in the soundscape. This has been one of my personal favorite songs to play out on the ‘B A L A N C E’  tour because of the energy it’s created on the dancefloor, it just hits.” – Liquid Stranger


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