For the Girlies: 'Lipstick' on John Summit's Off the Grid Imprint Has Arrived [Listen]

For the Girlies: ‘Lipstick’ on John Summit’s Off the Grid Imprint Has Arrived [Listen]

BLR Robbie Rise Lipstick

u-he Diva

The self-proclaimed bender king has been teasing this one since edc orlando. Hot off John Summit‘s Off the Grid imprint is a tune from BLR and Robbie Rise that has all the girlies in a chokehold. And if you attended or listened to John Summit’s EDC Orlando, you’ve probably heard it.


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Freshly delivered from one of the Netherlands’ most in-demand producers, ‘Lipstick’ is a tech-house heater with a provocative bassline and equally as provocative lyrics. Though it’s a pretty simple tune, it’ll have dancers and listeners itching for a backstage pass.

Featuring BLR’s regular collaborator Robbie Rise on vocals, this club-ready cut makes a perfect fit for Off The Grid. Destined for peak time moments with a no-nonsense approach to its composition, a tough bassline and distorted low-ends paired with Robbie’s instructive spoken word give this industrial strength record at atmospheric edge hard to resist.

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