Lightning in a Bottle 2024: Embodied Breath, Cacao Ritual & More

Lightning in a Bottle 2024: Embodied Breath, Cacao, Bookbinding & More

LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE 2024 IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! The magical Buena Vista Lake-based festival is not only known for it’s impeccable musical lineups, but also the commitment to showcasing a substantial program of panelists, movement instructors, and visual artists. While the official schedule for the event has yet to be released, the LIB team gave us a sneak peek at some of the other offerings available. Beyond the music, LIB has four different categories for the additional programs: The Compass, Learning Kitchen, Artclave, Yoga Movement & Meditation.

The Compass

The Compass brings a unique roster to LIB every year, with the intention of expanding attendees’ understanding of various educational, political, and cultural topics. When most people think of a music festival, they probably think of some form of “mind expansion.” The Compass takes that to a whole new level.

Some of our most noteworthy favorites this year include “Planetary Peace Through Story” and “The Secret Life of Worms.” The best advice when it comes to The Compass: don’t judge a panel or workshop off of it’s title alone and be sure to experience a few of these. You would be amazed at the topics you might find interesting.

Learning Kitchen

Fitting right in to the holistic nature of Lightning in a Bottle, the Learning Kitchen focuses on teaching various cooking, fermentation, brewing and Ayurvedic practices. These experiential programs are sure to teach you something new in the kitchen and give you a taste of something yummy!


The Artclave is a key element to the festival. TheDoLab is known for it’s wild installations and structures; this offering takes it one step further with the inclusion of live art and artist workshops. Imagine this: watching a live painting with Tipper performing in the background. Say less, I’m there!

Yoga, Movement & Meditation

Last, but surely not least, we have the Yoga, Movement & Meditation classes all weekend long. Whether you’re looking to get your sweat on, wind down after a wild night, or just to try something new and play, LIB has it on the menu. This lineup consists of some of the most phenomenal guides that the movement and mediation space has to offer.

We can’t wait to be back at Buena Vista Lake in just a few weeks! There is still time to purchase tickets and camping passes, so don’t wait. Take the jump and we’ll catch you at LIB 2024.

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