Life Experiences & Inspirations Bring Planet Zuzy's Debut Single 'Higher' to Existence [Listen]
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Life Experiences & Inspirations Bring Planet Zuzy’s Debut Single ‘Higher’ to Existence [Listen]

An ode to her global upbringing and love for euro dance music, “Higher” is the amalgamation of
Planet Zuzy’s life experiences and inspirations. Born in Poland, Planet Zuzy spent most of her
childhood moving from Spain to China, Mexico, and Switzerland. She quickly became an environmental chameleon in search of a place to claim as her own. Thus, Planet Zuzy was born: an everlasting world with music at its center.

“Higher” draws its authority straight from the dance floor, with a nuanced approach to classic
club sound. Effortlessly combining trance-y romps with a mainstage pop-like edge, “Higher” is
designed for dancing. The single was born during her time living in Spain and now serves as the foundation of her new world. Welcome to Planet Zuzy.

“My debut single & Higher is inspired by one of my most cherished memories of dance music,”
said Planet Zuzy.

“As an 11-year-old, I received a Numark Mixtrack controller from my parents,
and despite being unfamiliar with its purpose, I spent countless hours learning, exploring, and
immersing myself in the world of dance music. It was during one of these sessions that I
stumbled upon Avicii’s Levels shortly after its release. Attempting to describe the emotions I
experienced while listening to this song for the first time would do them little justice, but Higher
comes very close. The elation, freedom, and rapture that I felt at that moment continue to fuel my passion for creating dance music”

About Planet Zuzy

Planet Zuzy is not your average DJ. Originally born in Poland, Zuzy spent most of her childhood
moving from Spain to China, Mexico, and Switzerland. Music was the one thing that kept her
grounded, from DJing when she was eight years old to taking on the drums, guitar, piano, and

In October of 2021, Zuzy got an opportunity to DJ at a small club in NYC. As soon as her fingers
touched the decks again, there wasn’t a weekend from then on that she wasn’t playing a set
somewhere. She quickly went from playing in the back alleys of the East Village to scoring
major gigs at festivals and the city’s hottest clubs as well as opening for big names in the
industry like EDX, Disco Lines, Pete Tong, Sam Blacky, and Hugel. Her remixes have gathered millions of streams collectively.

Planet Zuzy stands out in any room she walks into. Her suave, energetic, and hip personality
radiates from behind the decks. With her hyper-energetic sounds, she is someone to keep an eye out for.

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