Lido Brings New Life to Kanye & Cudi's 'Kids See Ghosts' with 7 Minute Mix [Listen]
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Lido Brings New Life to Kanye & Cudi’s ‘Kids See Ghosts’ with 7 Minute Mix [Listen]

The recent super-duo release from Kid Cudi and Kanye West, Kids See Ghosts, immediately drew fans in. The seven-song album filled a gap in our thoughts about brokenness. Today, Lido helped to fix that brokenness with a seven-minute mix incorporating songs from the album.

His reimagined take on the album is seven minutes on the dot, and is worth every minute of listening.

Give a listen to “kidsloveghosts below:

In general, I think my appreciation for remixing has a lot to do with me just loving ideas” […] “I grew up surrounded by a lot of gospel musicians and a lot of jazz musicians. Improv and interpretations of songs and changing of songs was a very natural thing for me.” -Lido

Featured image via This Song is Sick.

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