Lido Premieres Highly-Anticipated ‘I O U 2’ Visual EP [Watch]

Lido’s visual accompaniment for his larger-than-life I O U 2 EP just dropped, painting a dream-like picture of his self-reflection as he finds his new voice.

Norwegian producer and creative mastermind Lido is no stranger to experimentation. As the multi-instrumentalist continuously evolves his sound, touching corners of future bass, R&B, and hip hop, Lido shows open-minded fans the many ways he could do no wrong. So, when Lido announced the two-EP follow up to his 2016 debut album Everything, it was perfectly valid to wonder which direction he would take the two releases.

I O U 1 and I O U 2 are illustrious in their production, intertwining powerful choral vocal arrangements above lush, inventive chords and countless auxiliary accents. Even with additional production credits to powerhouse collaborators like Skrillex, Madeon, and Louis the Child, just to name a few, Lido’s vocals stand front and center, as he explained:

I O U 2 is about finding my voice again. Both metaphorically and literally, for the first time in a very long time you can hear my raw vocals. I O U 2 consists of reflections around the experience around Everything, where I face the last piece of darkness after the dust that is left behind has found its way back to my perspective.”-Lido

The Visual EP

The nature-driven visuals for I O U 2 are an appropriate companion on the journey to the artist’s self-realization. Slow-motion cinematic sequences illustrate the complex relationship between the two characters amid the stunning backdrop of the Canadian wilderness.

During “Ex” the protagonist finds himself in a hallucinogenic-like state after he gives way to the public attention on his relationship. In “Flaws”, he continues his journey of reflection through the woods. We also catch a glimpse of Lido himself as the reflection, as hinted in the final moments of the opening sequence.

Director Arudz Goudsouzian and producer Jag Knoxx drive the reflection theme home in “Vultures”, as the character battles his mirror-masked lover before floating back to reality and confronting her one last time. The visual narrative compliments Lido’s sonic vision for I O U 2, bringing the EP into a mind-bending new dimension that is best experienced from start to finish.

Dive into the phenomenal visual EP I O U 2 below and stay tuned for more from Lido!

Featured photo by Arudz Goudsouzian via artist Twitter.

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