River Beats Premiere: Lenny Kiser Shows Silly Side With 'Robots' Release

River Beats Premiere: Lenny Kiser Shows Silly Side With ‘Robots’ Release

FOR THEIR 100th RELEASE TOMORROW, LOS ANGELES LABEL PERFECT DRIVER MUSIC HAS SOMETHING SPECIAL IN STORE. That is, the release of a banging eight track EP that includes sounds from some of House music’s heavy-hitters.

One of those artists is San Francisco producer Lenny Kiser. His track ‘Robots’ features a catchy, humorous vocal layered over heavy-hitting, gritty bass. Heed our warning: this funky tune will have you grooving, no matter where you are.

Listen to the Exclusive Premiere of ‘Robots’ Below:

Kiser, who also has releases on Christian Martins label Trippy Ass Technologies and Claude Vonstroke’s Dirtybird Records, is definitely an artist to watch. Not to mention, he’s pretty funny. See what he had to say about his new track ‘Robots’ below.

“From the year 3030, this song was sent back in time by android Lenny Kiser, warning of the impending robot takeover. The message is clear: To survive, we must learn to walk among them. Resistance is futile, humans.”

When chief operator and producer Matthew Anthony created the label in 2012, he did so with a vision–to create his own “version of House music.” Six years later and Perfect Driver Music is “going stronger than ever,” according to the EP preview on Soundcloud.

“The label would be nothing of coarse (sic), without the talented artists contributing their music and the dedicated fans showing up to our events. Whether it’s California or Florida, Michigan or Hawaii, London or San Francisco, our friends and supporters have graciously enabled and promoted the Perfect Driver sound on the best dance floors and radio shows world-wide.”​

The monster EP, titled ‘One Hundred,’ includes music from label creator Matthew Anthony, BOT, Sage Armstrong, Mark Starr, Treasure Fingers, Rrotik, GAWP, Craig Williams, E.R.N.E.S.T.O. and Arango. You can pre-order it on Beatport here.

“It’s hard for me to find a way to thank everyone else involved for making Perfect Driver what it’s become over the years. I think the best idea is to keep doing what we do.”​Matthew Anthony

Listen to the EP Preview on Soundcloud Below:

Connect with Lenny Kiser:
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Connect with Perfect Driver Music:
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Featured image via artist Facebook page. 

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