The Evolution and Legacy of Nero
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The Evolution and Legacy of Nero


Following the album’s chart-topping success, and Skrillex’s Grammy Award-winning remix of “Promises,” the band was able to tour consistently for three years. When Nero finally returned to the studio, the pressure was on, and expectations were high for their sophomore album.

And, lucky for us, Nero certainly didn’t disappoint.

Between II Worlds was released in December 2015, and, with it, they evolved into the Nero that we know today. Sonically, it’s classic Nero; the dark aesthetic (somehow) seamlessly blends the grit of dubstep with the melodic focus of pop to create an entirely new concept.

In creating Between II Worlds, there is a clear focus on songwriting, live instrumentation, and reliance on the vocal melodies of now-official, lead vocalist, Alana Watson. When you listen to this album, you can hear the band and envision them on stage performing live.

Although they may have built their legacy on performing as DJ/producers, Nero refused to become stagnant. Adding Watson as a frontwoman demonstrated their commitment to evolving as a live electronic band–a trend that slowly continues to permeate through EDM.

While many acts might rest on their laurels, Nero challenges themselves to develop their live performance, adapt their production style, and keep the art of albums alive. In all genres of music–but, especially in EDM–the appreciation and demand for albums has largely been outshined by the viral, radio-play of singles.

But, no matter the climate, Nero has never lost sight of the vision and soundscape that started it all. Their live show is a must-see for everyone from die-hard fans to skeptical newcomers. Nero creates an experience unlike any other with each and every performance.


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