Le Youth Delivers Nostalgic & Melodic Sounds With Debut Album, 'Reminders' [Listen]
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Le Youth Delivers Nostalgic & Melodic Sounds With Debut Album, ‘Reminders’ [Listen]

Over the course of the past five years, I have personally written 1,000+ articles on some of dance music’s biggest moments and star players. As our business grew, my ability to contribute to our publication diminished. Instead, we developed a strong team and great procedures that have continued our publication’s success into 2022.

With that being said, I only really take the time to write about things that are close to my heart. Today is one of those days. L.A.-based DJ and producer, Le Youth has finally released his debut album Reminders, and it is truly one of the top dance albums of 2022.

Le Youth is at the forefront of the melodic house movement that is slowly creating its own glorious space in EDM. With Lane 8’s This Never Happened label leading the charge, Le Youth is positioned to be a superstar not only in the house space but in all of American and International dance music.

Reminders: Nostalgic & Melodic Sounds

Music has the ability to bring us back to moments in life we cherish. This holds true with Le Youth’s album Reminders. Bridging melodic sounds with ethereal vocals, Reminders brings listeners back to distant or recent memories we hold close to us. The lead track “Then It Rained All Night,” immediately captures this feeling, a feeling that Le Youth himself has reiterated as his true inspiration…

“The theme behind this album and the title ‘Reminders’ may seem obvious but for me, it’s more nuanced. reminders are feelings of nostalgia and unexpected memories,” he said. “Like remembering a past life when I turn down that street we used to live on or hearing that album we stayed up all night listening to…” – Le Youth

With 15 singles, and 4 additional extended listens, Reminders is a true album, one that will bring listeners on a journey for 60+ minutes. This Never Happened label mates, Sultan + Shepard, and OCULA joins Le Youth on the album, as well as vocals from RBBTS, Gordi, LeyeT, Panama, Tailor, and more.

THE DEEP, Featuring Le youth

River Beats had the honor of booking Le Youth for the debut of our new series THE DEEP. The show took place this past March at the Virgin Hotel In New Orlean. What most people won’t know is that THE DEEP’s main inspiration and aesthetic were actually inspired by Le Youth’s sound and artistic style.

The plan was always to introduce New Orleans to a new sound we at River Beats found addicting. With a sold-out show, THE DEEP could not have started any better. The Reminders tour and album will always have a special place in my heart, as they came at the right time and the right moment.

Le Youth is currently on a full album tour, with stops upcoming. You can find more information by heading to his website here. And of course, you should dive into the full album below.

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