LCD Soundsystem is Officially Finished with their New Album!
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LCD Soundsystem is Officially Finished with their New Album!

Fans have been waiting and finally, the announcement has come! LCD Soundsystem is finally finished with their latest album! 

First announced during their set at Sasquatch Music Festival, James Murphy has now confirmed that they are “totally done with the music and mixing. just some art stuff to finish”. They hope to have the record finished in about 6 weeks, but we’re thinking it’ll be more around the 8-10 week range. 

Fans have been waiting since 2010 for their follow-up album, which almost never happened after the band’s “retirement” in 2011. 


Since the band’s much-anticipated return in 2016, they have been teasing the release of this new album. Recently, LCD Soundsystem debuted two new songs from the new album, “Call the Police” and “American Dream” on Saturday Night Live.


We can’t wait to hear what’s next for LCD Soundsystem and listen to this much-anticipated album in its entirety.

Photo: LCD Soundsystem Facebook

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