Late Night Radio Takes Us on a Ride to 'Dry Land' in Newest Single [Listen]

Dive into the cool, cool electro-funk sounds with Late Night Radio and the lead single to his forthcoming album. “Dry Land” is an idyllic combination of electro, hip-hop, and soul for a funky good time that LNR fans know and love. Incorporating piano, electro beats, and hip-hop fused vocal samples, “Dry Land” gives us a good peek as to what’s to come in his upcoming album, titled Further Into the Night.

Give the single a listen below:

No new name or face to the genre, Late Night Radio has collaborated with the likes of Manic Focus, Borahm Lee (Pretty Lights Live, Break Science), and others in the electro-funk realm. The Houston native has proven himself to be a pioneer of sorts in the genre as he finds inspiration from various musicians through the years.

The 2018 release of his album Sunday saw years and years of work come together for a musical spectacle featuring live horns, guitar and keys, and more. His latest project will expand upon these elements and more to create Further Into the Night. He talks on this more below:

On Further Into The Night the production is really a culmination of years of trying different stuff out. Combining sampling, digital and analog synths, recording some amazing musicians including Recess and Brisco Jones, and chopping the hell out of everything I feel like the end result is a very emotional driven soulful banging album.”


Featured image via artist. 

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