Lane 8 Creates Soundtrack to Heaven With Album 'Little By Little'
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Lane 8 Creates Soundtrack to Heaven With Album ‘Little By Little’

Following his “live and in session” release of Rise in 2016, Lane 8 stayed relatively off the new music grid… until now. It’s been a long time coming, but Lane 8 (Daniel Goldstein) returns with a beautiful vengeance. His album, Little by Little, includes ten very unique tracks. The album features collaborations from POLIÇA, Fractures, and J.F. July. Since the album is not jam-packed with collabs, listeners are getting the entire raw emotion of Goldstein.

While I personally love every track on this album, I have a few favorites. Though “No Captain” released two months ago, this track easily takes the cake. Everything about this track is absolutely hypnotizing, from the vocals via American-synth pop band POLIÇA to Goldstein’s own synths, everything is beautifully constructed. Other fan favorites include “Daya” and “Clarify” ft. Fractures.

“I’m a much different artist now than I was back then,” […] “I think it’s both a reflection of where my style has personally evolved to, as well as the collaborations I’ve chosen to work with on the album.” -Goldstein

To promote the Little by Little album release, Goldstein’s embarking on a United States, Australian, and European tour. With stops everywhere from New Orleans to London, he covers all locations of his fanbase.

His New Orleans stop is one of a handful of southern United States locations. Bringing his lovely effortless beats to Republic NOLA on February 16, attendees are about to get blessed.

Purchase tickets to one of the tour stops here. 

New Orleans: purchase tickets here. 

Featured photo via Maria. 

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