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Lane 8 Clap Backs at Attendee That Recorded During His Set

This Never Happened: The motto for every Lane 8 show that he has instilled in attendees. Before entering the venue at most of his shows, he requires fans to tape over the camera so that nothing can be recorded, and everything can be enjoyed sans phones. After all – how annoying is it to be at a show and see nothing but phones up in the air?

Well apparently, one attendee didn’t get the memo. He direct messaged 4 videos to Lane 8 via Instagram asking “Which song is this?” To which Lane 8 clapped back with “Remember when we taped your phone and asked you not to record? (Original Mix).” This is something that Lane 8 has advocated for for quite some time, going back to 2016 in a Vice interview.

Check out the interaction below.

We wanted the audience to experience live music how it used to be–no cell phones, no cameras–just real, human interactions and emotional connections. We don’t allow any cell phone use, photography or recording of any kind at the shows. We take this concept very seriously by taping everyone’s cell phone cameras as they enter the venue and quietly policing it in the crowd with security.

-Lane 8

TLDR: Don’t be that guy and respect the wishes of the artist that you’re seeing!

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