LANDONi Releases Soulful Baselines on Nine Track EP 'Ghosts' [Listen]

LANDONi Releases Soulful Baselines on Nine Track EP ‘Ghosts’ [Listen]

Making his River Beats Dance debut today is none other than LANDONi. LANDONi is an independent American musician, electronic music producer, and DJ. LANDONi has a special place in this writer’s heart, as we come from the same place…NOLA. His new EP Ghosts is out now, and we are giving it some love on RB. 

If you are unfamiliar with his work, LANDONi focuses on cultivating unique combinations of eclectic and unconventional new-wave sounds that produce a phonetic emotional coalescence. His fusion of distorted yet harmonic foreign vocals, soulful hip-hop basslines, and modernistic pop beats give his music a cutting edge that blends seamlessly with the diverse artistic methods of musical style. 

And the Ghost EP is no different. LANDONi gave us some insight into the project…

“One morning while enjoying my coffee, I began watching graduation speeches and stumbled upon this quote from motivational speaker Les Brown. The inspiration and motivation that ran through me after hearing this speech were electric. It made me halt anything and everything occurring at that moment to move to my desk where the first track, “Ghosts”, was created” 

From then on, that inspiration created the mold for the project that listeners will hear today. LANDONI hopes the project will leave an imprint to chase your dreams, ideas, goals, “or whatever it is you want to have accomplished when your time comes.” 

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