La Felix Remixes Penny & Sparrow’s 'Recuerda' [Listen]
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La Felix Remixes Penny & Sparrow’s ‘Recuerda’ [Listen]

La Felix’s upbeat take on music production has always been one of our favorites, like their 2018 hit “Comes & Goes” and the 2017 groovy tune “Delicious.” Up next in their discography is a remix for Texas folk duo Penny & Sparrow, in which La Felix has transformed their track “Recuerda” into an electro-soul little number.

Give the remix a listen below:

According to Penny & Sparrow, the band explained that La Felix “kept all the erotic energy of the original and, through some truly beautiful production alchemy, made it something unique.” To them, the song always felt “sexy in a languid way.”

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