LA-Based Indie Electronic Singer-Producer Kid Bloom Delivers Retro Single 'Wounded/Surrounded' [Listen]
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LA-Based Indie Electronic Singer-Producer Kid Bloom Delivers Retro Single ‘Wounded/Surrounded’ [Listen]

Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Kid Bloom‘s latest single “Wounded/Surrounded” is an addictive indie electronic gem that you won’t be able to listen to just once. Slick synths and sparse bass entwine with 808s on the retro-influenced single as Kid Bloom’s dynamic vocals echo above a glitchy beat. The track sets up a confessional ambiance: “I get so lost in my devotion,”  his voice rings out.

Last year Kid Bloom soared past 100 million indie streams with his critically-acclaimed Lemonhead EP which draws upon influences as varied as Tame Impala, The Weeknd, Travis Scott, Big Star, and David Bowie. The Line of Best Fit dubbed its title track “the perfect marriage between 80s pop and contemporary indie”; while OnesToWatch proclaimed the project, “yet another fabulous record.” 

I designed some drums and made this vibe on my computer,” he recalls. “It became a very alive and moving piece of music. Out of that, I hopped on a shitty little mic and sang the whole song. It’s about how it’s never good to victimize yourself. There are times where you feel like all you can do is pull away and shut everything out. You’re having an internal conversation and separating yourself from judgment.”

Stream “Wounded/Surrounded” here, and find it on Spotify below.

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