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Kylie Jenner Retweets Video Mashup With Her Voice Made By Level Up

Y’all wildin’. Level Up, dubstep producer, has really “leveled up” after this one. She shared a video on Twitter with a mashup of SVDDEN DEATH‘s track “Behemoth” and intertwined a voiceover clip from Kylie Jenner. In the mix, she says “rise and shine,” which is a bit pulled from a video going viral of Kylie getting baby Stormy from the crib. It’s comical. And she says “rise and shine” really f*cking weird.

Apparently, Jenner found it pretty funny herself as well! She quote tweeted the original mashup video from Level Up with the dead skeleton face emojis.

Here’s the original clip with Kylie’s voice for reference:

Featured image via artist Facebook page.

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