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KRANE is Working on Not One, But Two New Albums for 2019

KRANE’s 2017 LP The Fallout was by far one of the best trap albums of the past five years. Featuring Quix, GRAVES, MYRNE, and several others, the album pushed the boundary of modern trap.

Sine The Fallout’s release KRANE has shared a full remix pack for the LP and dropped his SESSIONS, Vol 2. While SESSIONS was a great follow up to The Fallout, it certainly did not have the staying power. 

With fans in dance music always clamoring for more, KRANE took to Twitter yesterday to share fantastic news to fans: He is working on not one but TWO albums. One featuring a high energy celebratory sound, and one featuring a moody and pretty sound. The main problem he’s facing? Which album to release first. Check out the tweet from KRANE below. 

Only time will tell what album sees the light of day first. As a trap fan myself this is exciting news coming from the world of KRANE. Follow River Beats to stay up to date on this story as it develops.  

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