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ICYMI: KRANE and Alexander Lewis Brought All The Horns On ‘Sorbet Guts’ [Listen]

Alexander Lewis and KRANE are no strangers to working together. The pair have collaborated on previous singles “So Nice,” “Fall Apart,” and “Grim,” to name a few.   

But, “Sorbet Guts” might be our favorite yet. The song premiered Friday via a very unusual name: MixMag. The media company/label is known for their work in house and techno music, but occasionally venture outside that realm. 

“Sorbet Guts” features the best of both Alexander Lewis and KRANE. The first drop shows off Lewis’ live trap production, while KRANE’s darker-glitchy production comes into play during the second drop. If you are a trap-head like me, this one is for you. 

Give “Sorbet Guts” a listen below: 

Featured image via artist. 

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