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Knapsack Releases Vibrant New Single ‘Lost In Translation’ [Listen]

Rising producer Knapsack returns with his newest upbeat single “Lost In Translation“.

Chicago-based Knapsack (Gabriel O’Leary) continues to crank out some of the most amusing and bouncy experimental tracks around. “Lost In Translation”, the seventeen year-old producer’s latest single, is one of his most eccentric yet.

Knapsack provides vocals on the track, layering them into quirky pitch-modulated melodies that playfully waver with the distorted bass. Synth blips and pianos intermix with the vocal layers and pitched ad libs in a sea of cheerful melodies. The chorus is energetic and lighthearted, as lush chord stabs collide with the scratchy bass and Knapsack’s snappy drums.

For fans interested in diving into the world of Knapsack, you’re in luck! The producer also released two incredible projects in 2018: Futura and Bend, each of which show his versatility across future pop, experimental trap, and other ethereal crossover genres.

Stream the new single “Lost In Translation” along with Futura and Bend below!

Featured photo via artist Facebook

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