Klutch Releases Emotional, Unconventional '(Dis)harmony' EP

Klutch Releases Emotional, Unconventional ‘(Dis)harmony’ EP [Listen]

“It’s imperfect, unpolished, and jagged. It’s a part of myself that I was afraid of showing.” – Klutch

New Orleans native Klutch just dropped one of the most personal & creative projects of 2018. This is by no means a typical electronic project…or a typical project at all. (Dis)harmony is composed of five tracks entitled: “This” “Is” “A” “Healing” “Process.”

There are so many emotions wrapped up in this album, and that might be why each song sounds vastly different than the prior. Even on an individual track level, the range of production and arrangement choices vary – check out “Is” for a prime example.

Klutch presents a cohesive project despite the lack of sonic similarities. Heartbreak and recovery, the two main themes, are a journey. (Dis)harmony illustrates that journey.

The EP features vocals by Klutch himself and a feature by skylarallen. Pretty melodies, emotional drops, intricate percussion, and even some gritty sound design are all present on (Dis)harmony. 

There are a few different levels of artistry. One is making a good and polished project. Another is making a good and polished project with personal meaning and significant themes.

Klutch released a statement accompanying the project.

This is one of my favorite projects of 2018, check it out here for yourself:

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