Kizer Unveils A Recursive Journey Through Sound w/ 'Recursion' EP

Kizer Unveils A Recursive Journey Through Sound w/ ‘Recursion’ EP


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Not always. Finding a successful approach to music, or anything for that matter, can be such a relief. The long nights of trial and error can be easily traded in for that one winning approach to ensure results. In other words, you could just stay comfortable. The question is: Will you still grow like that?

Dylan Gendelman, the visionary behind the Kizer project, was never interested in staying comfortable. Finding influence from other boundary-pushing artists like G Jones, Gramatik, CHEE, and sumthin sumthin, he went straight to the drawing board, formulating his own original sound which can be heard fluently in all of his music. He avoided the easy way out and found more than one avenue to a successful outcome, all while continuing to push himself in different ways. Although Gendelman connects most with the zippery halftime and bouncy trap, he has no issue straying deep into whatever he feels like making.


The Denver native has been carefully carving out his own lane throughout the eight years that the project has been active. In addition to releases with labels like Wubaholics, Partica Artist Group, LoFreq, and Solace Family Records, Gendelman has also seen success in collaborations with fellow artists such as Wreckno, jordnmoody, and wasteurself.

The multi-genre producer has further proven to be in a league of his own this year by dropping some of the best music he’s ever made. First, we were graced with his highly anticipated flips of “Which Way” by G Jones, and “Truffle” by Mick Jenkins, both of which are absolute weapons. Soon to follow he dropped his tracks “Flava” on Bandcamp and “Hot Damn” with LoFreq. While all of these are prime examples of the man’s raw talent, today we’re here to listen and talk about his latest release and most cohesive project to date, the Recursion EP.

Released on 6/7/24, Recursion showcases Kizer’s growth through sound, his dynamic abilities in music, and his own journey in music production. Spanning six tracks and clocking in at just under twenty-one minutes, the EP is a showcase of everything this project is about.

”I believe the EP is a journey. It dives into arrangements and melodies I’ve never thought I could write.” Kizer

Kicking off the EP is “Untethered Reality.” The intro begins gently with a mystic and trippy vibe taking the wheel. The bassline helps provide a smooth sail through a relaxing first half. Like the calm before the storm, things begin to slow down again and tension builds until you’re re-awoken by what sounds like distorted lasers loaded with energy in the latter half.

Next up is the one and only single released off of the EP, “Abnormal.” The intro to this one feels very full and starts out on what seems like a menacing note. Tension is built to an extreme before being released into a heap of glitchy zippers following a bouncy trap pattern. The track fades back into the same menacing vibe as the intro and then the second drop punches you with just a bit more power than the first.

Hitting the mid-way point of the project, we have “Cerebral Torture.” This tune begins with a melody that will be stuck in your head for days and follows throughout the track. Said melody progresses slowly while more and more percussive elements are thrown at you. The isolated harmony then starts to hit the lower end of your speakers followed by some drum breaks that tickle the brain just right. The drop ensues and completely engulfs you in its spirit while commanding you to wiggle to its bass-heavy jingle.

Up next is “Enhanced.” This track starts out with a very futuristic-sounding, quiet intro and makes you wonder what exactly the drop is going to sound like. The drop suddenly smacks you in the mouth like the face peeling pull of a roller coaster. This tune is a glitchy head-bopper full of insanity that truly flexes Kizer’s sound design and arrangement.

Just about coming to a close, “Serenity” is up next. Quite different from the rest (and my personal favorite), “Serenity” begins with some beautiful chords in a chaotic fashion that slowly blossom into a beautiful harmony accompanied by some organic elements in the background. The drop is light-hearted and pure ecstasy. The bliss you are in listening to this tune is like a warm hug and a hefty reminder that everything will be okay. Sometimes we need that.

Wrapping up this S-Tier EP is the gift that is the “Serenity” VIP. Flawlessly fading into what seems like a continuation of the ending to the original, the “Serenity” VIP really does its predecessor’s beauty justice. A bit slower, but not any less bright, this tune drives home that feeling of everything working out in the end with a happy and lively bassline.


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Kizer has a range often unseen in this corner of music. As an artist with a natural drive to create bigger and better sounds, pushing his own boundaries is a must. In turn, we get music like this.

Aside from the Recursion release, Gendelman’s been busy cooking up some more big things for the Kizer project. Just recently, he made his fifth appearance at the Black Box in Denver, CO for the LoFreq Cypher Volume 5 release party, with more to be announced. Make sure to keep up with him using the links below.

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