Kito's 'Recap' Sees Joint Efforts from VanJess & Channel Tres [Listen]
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Kito’s ‘Recap’ Sees Joint Efforts from VanJess & Channel Tres [Listen]

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Interesting combination right here! Kito, VanJess and Channel Tres (try saying that 5 times fast) team up on the infectious new single “Recap,” a soulful-pop blend that explores what happens when a relationship gets too complicated, and it’s time for a “recap.” With an upbeat background groove and acute vocals from sister duo VanJess, “Recap” then rolls into a seductive baritone solo from Channel Tres.

“Recap” is Kito’s first release since “Follow,” her collaboration with ZHU and Jeremih. Released in August 2020, the song has since amassed more than 10 million combined global streams.

Featured image via Elizabeth Miranda.

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